Northwest Gay for Play Weekend

2018 Title Holders


Carslyle Bernard
Intergalactic Power Bottom

BoiGreen Grower
Intergalactic Ethical Sadist

Aleph Ayin
Intergalactic Hardcore Switch

The Intergalactic Competition

The Northwest Gay for Play weekend will consist of two days of competition. Entry is open to any self-identified kinky-queers over the age of 21.

Judges score each contestant based on their fetish aesthetic, presentation and skills demonstrated over the weekend's events.

“Hardcore: 1) the most active, committed, or doctrinaire members of a group or movement. 2) pornography of an explicit kind.    “Switch: 1) some or all of the roles, some or all of the time. 2) Your answer to “top or bottom?” is “Yes,” 3) You don’t have to be into all the roles, but you could be. You have a lot of interests. Aka Versatile, Vers, Flexible, etc.”

“Hardcore: 1) the most active, committed, or doctrinaire members of a group or movement. 2) pornography of an explicit kind.

“Switch: 1) some or all of the roles, some or all of the time. 2) Your answer to “top or bottom?” is “Yes,” 3) You don’t have to be into all the roles, but you could be. You have a lot of interests. Aka Versatile, Vers, Flexible, etc.”

Intergalactic HardCore Switch


Yep, we see you, going back and forth and up and down and every which way. You’re the middle management. You’re the Beta pack dog. You’re the wrestling jocks flipping each other, again and again. It takes skills to get that kind of play going and we want to see more of it. Wanna have a back patch that gives you a reason to spread your love of all things play? Come and get  it! This title is going to the player with a kaleidoscope of kinks, who’s ready willing and able to get a room going because we want you!

Intergalactic Power Bottom


Are you a bottom who knows what you want and isn’t afraid to go for it? Do you value your limits while seeking your edges? Are you often found instigating play? Excited to take one for the team, or from the team? This title is for you. This role is about honoring the power bottoms have, from receiving pain and humiliation, to giving service and taking orders. We know it takes tough stuff to take it. We want you to show us your super Power Bottom skills!

“Power: 1) expressing and asking for your desires while knowing, loving and communicating your limits. 2) a supernatural being, deity, or entity. 3) a great force or talent”    “Bottom: 1) taking or receiving intense sensation, energy, and/or experiences, including BDSM, FFing, service, and/or your favorite kink. 2) intentionally stretching physical / psychological/ emotional limits for personal growth, recreation or sexual release.

“Power: 1) expressing and asking for your desires while knowing, loving and communicating your limits. 2) a supernatural being, deity, or entity. 3) a great force or talent”

“Bottom: 1) taking or receiving intense sensation, energy, and/or experiences, including BDSM, FFing, service, and/or your favorite kink. 2) intentionally stretching physical / psychological/ emotional limits for personal growth, recreation or sexual release.

“Ethical: avoiding activities that do harm to people”    “Sadist: a person who derives pleasure, especially sexual gratification, from dominating, controlling, or inflicting pain or humiliation on others.”

“Ethical: avoiding activities that do harm to people”

“Sadist: a person who derives pleasure, especially sexual gratification, from dominating, controlling, or inflicting pain or humiliation on others.”

Intergalactic Ethical Sadist


The Intergalactic Ethical Sadist will go to a player who exemplifies the ability to indulge our love of power exchange, control, pain, suffering, embarrassment, humiliation, and/or domination while consciously practicing BDSM in a way that centralizes consent. We’re looking for a skilled top who practices clear communication; values open, honest negotiation of limits and expectations; and is drawn to playing on the edge. Do you love taking a bottom up to their limit but not past it? Does your play clear a dungeon or captivate a room? This title is for you!


Rules & Regulations

Please read through all the below requirements, qualifications and expectations before applying.

Contestant Requirements

Each contestant must meet the following requirements:


  1. At least twenty-one (21) years old.

  2. A person with some kind of queer identity (TLGBQ ect. community) active in the bdsm, fetish, leather, or kink communities.
    Not currently a titleholder. Will not run for another title till stepdown.

  3. Submit fully completed and signed contestant application by deadline April 18th, 2018 with Bio of 1,000 characters or less and a high quality photo to be used in press. Contestants who miss this deadline will be disqualified from competition.

  4. Has signed the photographic release form.

  5. Pay contestant registration fee.

  6. Consent to a criminal background check prior to their contestant application being approved and accepted by Northwest Gay for Play Weeknd

Agrees to donate an “auction basket” of items to be used for silent auction fundraising purposes to benefit the Titleholders Travel Fund. Basket values will be left up to each contestant. This is NOT a judged category. Please reach out to your community for this and DO NOT spend a bunch of money on it.


By choosing to compete one agrees to:

  • Appear onstage wearing appropriate leather/fetish/kink apparel and perform an onstage leather/fetish/kink sexual fantasy of an explicit nature (while conforming with local regulations, if any, pertaining to nudity and obscenity). While not violating any of the boundaries of the space (NO GLITTER) or code of conduct.

  • Permit photographs to be taken during the contest weekend and on-stage for the use by Boots and Bonfire Productions for there website, social media sites, and for any media, marketing, promotional and/or general purposes whatsoever.

  • If your fantasy has any messy components they must be accounted for. Clean up can take no more than 2 min.  Please bring tarps if you need them.

All contestants must arrive at the meet and greet for the Northwest Gay for Play Weekend no later than 7pm Friday, and agree to appear in person for all of scheduled events during Northwest Gay for play weekend up to the completion of the Saturday evening contest.  Contest winners will be required to attend the Brunch and Beat on Sunday. We encourage everyone to attend this but it is not required.

Judging Method

A panel of judges shall score each contestant based on the following categories and point allocations:  


Friday — Meet and Beat: this is the contestants opportunity to make play happen. Each contestant will have 20 minutes to provide a demo and tasting of one of their favorite kinks, (you will have 5 min to set up and clean up at either end of your demo, we encourage you not to make a mess). Each contestant will have an opportunity to debut a kink they enjoy. This is your opportunity to show your negotiation and consent skills along with your aptitude for whatever skill you present. While you are not giving your demo we encourage you to mingle, meet folks, and encourage play.


2)      Technical Ability: maximum 50 points per judge • Measures the contestant’s ability to negotiate and obtain consent then to engage in bdsm activities with skill and precision.


Saturday — Interviews and contest evening:

Interview: maximum 80 points per judge • Each contestant will meet with the judging panel offstage prior to the contest to answer the judges’ questions about the contestant’s interest in fetish and kink, knowledge, service in the community, and willingness and ability to represent the title. (20 min)


Stage contest:

  1. Physique/Body Confidence: maximum 30 points per judge • Each contestant shall appear onstage in ones best fetish attire that emphasizes ones favorite physical feature. This category is not judged by mainstream beauty standards. We don’t care how well muscled a contestant is, only how confidently and charismatically they present their body.

  2. Pop Quiz: maximum 20 points per judge • Contestants will draw a pop question, be given a chance to read it, then the MC will read it to the audience before contestants are asked to answer. Avoid simply saying yes or no; answers should represent contestants’ specific fetish while demonstrating wit and spontaneity.

  3. Speech & Image: maximum 30 points per judge • Each contestant will appear onstage to introduce oneself to the audience and briefly describe their background or interest in the leather/fetish/kink community, while wearing  attire that bests represents one's image . Please where whatever you consider your fanciset look. What would you wear to a formal social event? The onstage speech shall be no longer than two (2) minutes. Speeches that exceed two (2) minutes will automatically receive a 5% penalty.

  4. Fantasy: maximum 50 points per judge • Each contestant will perform an entertaining onstage leather/fetish/kink sexual fantasy of their choosing . The onstage Fantasy shall be no longer than four (4) minutes.  The goal of said fantasy should want to encourage others to engage and be enticed to play and have a good time with you

  5. Overall Image and Personality: maximum 40 points per judge • Throughout the weekend the judges will observe how the contestants present themselves and interact with the public, how they interact with their fellow contestants, and their play skills. The judges will consider the contestant’s general manner, attitude, appearance, and their adherence to the codes of conduct for the contest weekend as defined by Northwest Gay for Play weekend.



Time restrictions will be strictly enforced for each of these categories. Exceeding time restrictions will result in a 5% point penalty for that category to the contestant’s score.  Time restrictions and allocation of points may be modified with prior notice to the contestants.


A winner shall be selected for each contest. In the event of any tie or dispute regarding the tallying of a contest, Boots and Bonfire Productions will be consulted along with the head judge to make a final determination.


In addition to the winners and runners-up, a Congeniality Award will be presented to the most congenial contestant, selected by an anonymous poll of the contestants and event staff. The Congeniality Award recipient receives the coveted Golden Paddle.

Titleholder Information


The winner of each title will receive a prize package that includes but is not limited to the following provided they complete their entire title year in good standing:

·         Travel funds whose amount will be determined by Boots and Bonfire Productions (45) days following completion of Northwest Gay for Play weekend (To offset costs for your return to step down)

·         Two registration for the stepdown weekend event

·         A title patch

·         Other items as provided by individual sponsors if available



·         Attend quarterly check in calls with Contest Director

·         Attend a minimum of (6) events in the year (from bar nights to play parties we count them all)  

·         Attend the stepping down event the year following your victory and participate in the step down process

·         Wear your back patch as much as possible to represent at events

·         Host a fundraiser for a charity (local or national)

·         Host a fundraiser for your travel fund.

     Play in acceptable public venue at least 3 times in the year in  your vest.

·         Represent the community well with no code of conduct violations

·         Coordinate activities with the other titleholders and the Contest Directo

* we understand that intergalactic travel can be costly so we are happy for you to meet these requirements in your home communities.



During your title year you will be able to get reimbursed for travel expenses up to the travel fund raised during the year.  Since funds will not be sufficient to cover all expenses related to your travel, we encourage you to supplement the travel fund through fundraising activities and/or your own resources. (We want this to be accessible to all we do NOT expect you to go everywhere. We do want you to play publicly and encourage others to engage in the BDSM, kink and fetish communities.


All events that you attend need to be recorded with the Contest Director so we can publicize your great work! If you want to go places reach out our community is vast and wide and we are happy to use our connections to help you cross pollinate as much as possible. Even without coin we can often assist with housing and travel. Before you book a hotel, always reach out and inquire about alternative options.



Title holders are expected to encourage intersectional community building and play opportunities. Please use social media to promote activities and tell us what a great time you have playing. Please develop a hashtag so we can follow your hijinks. We don’t want to be surprised by people sending us screenshots of your actions, so please keep your profile transparent with the Boots Bonfire profile on Facebook.



All titleholders are community ambassadors and must conduct themselves as such. Creating an intersectional community is our goal. Speaking up and expressing your thoughts regarding dismantling systems of oppression is needed. Perpetuation of those systems is not. Avoid being photographed with a drink in your hand, being publicly intoxicated, or engaging in illegal activities. Acts of racism, transphobia, misogyny, classism, ableism and other oppressive behavior is not tolerated. We all make mistakes, it is how they are handled that speaks volumes to one character. Those that can’t or won’t learn from these actions will be considered in violation. Violation of the code of conduct policy is grounds for removal of title.



If a title holder fails to perform their duties as specified, or is found to be in violation of any clause in this agreement, or is arrested during his title year, Boots & Bonfire LLc.  reserves the right to remove title from said person. Keeping us up to date and communication can reduce many of these concerns. If there are any other situations in your life that may come out during your title year that reflect negatively on you and you have not already included this in your application, be sure to share that with the Contest Director immediately who will escalate to the Executive Board for discussion.


If a titleholder is removed from their position, Boots and Bonfire productions LLc. may ask the first runner up to serve in their place as title holder for the balance of the title year. The removed titleholder must return patches and paraphernalia, medallions, and trophies pertaining to the revoked title immediately and forfeits any prizes not already redeemed. The removed titleholder will not be considered as having stepped down and will not be accorded the rights and benefits of an alumni titleholder.


The 2018 Judges

Get to know our distinguished panel of Intergalactic Judges.


Lady alycyn

Lady Alycyn is a leatherdyke who has been involved with the women’s, queer and the Leather/BDSM communities in the Pacific Northwest for over two decades. She is now, or has been, an activist, advocate, ally, board member, contest judge, community organizer, DM, educator, emcee, event coordinator/producer, mentor, party host, titleholder and volunteer. Lady Alycyn has a panache for protocol and embraces being described as sweetly sadistic.



Darryn's Leather journey started in 1978 as an out n proud Gay Youth in pre Aids New York City. He quickly developed a lifelong adoration of the men in leather and the stomp of boots down Christopher Street to the piers, bars and back alleys of the city.

Darryn is a firm believer in the magic of BDSM and continues to practice his craft at home in a remote ranch in Oregon. He lives happily with his girl of 13 years, working daily on his own version of Leatherdaddy and the Femme. He still writes, travels and plays with those leather souls that inspire him and can't wait to report on some new kinkfiled adventures.



A member of PDX Bootblacks, they love any opportunity to black at public events, but are equally passionate about finding all opportunities to offer leather care, from fixing a femme’s heels at IMsL to guiding someone through their first shine poolside at Desire. When they’re not bootblacking, Jax operates a monthly queer dungeon party that raises money for LGBTQ+ organizations, is a patched member of Portland’s chapter of Dykes on Bikes, and can be found baking, woodworking, or enjoying a fine cigar. If they can’t be found, they’re probably on a long motorcycle ride with their partner, Morgan. Jax flags black, grey, and red on the left, and loves boot play, from both sides.


jack thompson

Jack Thompson has been active in the leather and kink scene of San Francisco for 13 years. Secretary of the Bay Area chapters of both ONYX and Queer Sphere.  Mr. May on the 2018 Bare Chest Calendar. Stage management for many shows including Manarchy, Twisted Windows and the Playground stage at Folsom Street Fair. A 10 year drag performer/producer with the Rebel Kings of Oakland drag troupe and still manages to be a consistent companion/service wolf to his husband Geoff Millard (Mr. San Francisco Leather 2017).

julie aurora

julie aurora is a majestic, slutty, trans woman, a gleefully sadistic submissive, and a collared girl whose Miss pissed all over her and fucked her silly halfway through writing this bio. Kinky since she first discovered sex, she's specifically been in the kink scene for over ten years. She got a little bit famous when her first Crashpad episode won a Feminist Porn Award for Best Trans Sex, and has done various other types of sex work throughout her illustrious creative career. A punk anarchist (ACAB), her attractions are primarily femme4femme. She loves blood, asphyxiation, and raunchy fluid-filled fuck-fests, and she has a powerful dick/cum fetish. julie aurora likes to find and explore edges, and engages in kink as a spiritual practice. She's a whore, a service-oriented submissive, and one very decadent bitch.

mr. garrett

Sassy, kinky, internationally known mischeif maker, and self-indentified sash queen (retired) whose pedigree includes Mr. Tulsa Bear 2012, Kansas City Leather Sir 2013, Central Plains Leather Sir 2013, and Mr. North American Daddy Bear 2014.

An experienced judge, both locally and regionally,  Mr. Garrett, as he is more commonly known, has been an active member of the Community for over a decade, as well as a practicing kinkster for many times that, his primary interest is in mentorship; growing the Community through play, trust, and lots and lots of wet wipes.

With a broad range of interests and large, non-collapsible hands, Mr. Garrett is always willing to help explore boundaries. Just take a breath, relax, and remember, the safe word is Armadillo